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Da Bei Qi Gong
Shifu Liu Quanjun
23rd - 25th Jun 2023

Master Liu, wearing traditinal Chinese silk yellow suit, corrects a hand position on a sitting participant during Da Bei Qigong seminar in Belfast.
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Practice with joy, acceptance, forgiveness.

Practice quietly and comfortably.

Practice relaxed and calm.

Practice naturally.

Every day.

This meditative practice of 18 postures is steeped in Buddhist tradition with an emphasis on healing, energy cultivation and compassion.


Da Bei Qi Gong was compiled in the early 20th century (from older qi gong sets) by famous Shaolin Monk, Hai Deng Fa Shi.


It was then passed on and later combined with Tibetan Lama Qi Gong techniques by Ji Pu, Da Bei Fa Shi, Shifu Liu`s teacher in Xinjiang Province, China.

To read about Master Liu click here.

Tai Chi Master Liu, in a traditional yellow Chinese silk suit, is standing in front of a full class and everyone is holding a position from Da Bei Qigong during the seminar in Belfast.


Friday 11.30am - 4pm
Saturday 11am - 3.30pm
Sunday 11am - 3.30pm

(lunch break 30 mins)


1 day - £50
3 days - £120


St. Michael's Parish Centre

206 Finaghy Road North


BT11 9EH

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