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Tui Shou Seminar
Grandmaster Zhu Chang Hai
January 20th and 21st 2024

Grandmaster Zhu in and his student demonstrate a Tai Chi partner drill called pushing hands with the Titanic museum building Belfast in the background.

This seminar is opened to all levels of Taijiquan practitioners who wish to understand the martial aspects of the internal martial arts - leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing, coordination and positioning.

Grandmaster Zhu will teach the theory and applications through different sets of push hands (single, double, Peng Lu Ji An).


There will be plenty of time to ask questions and practice under the guidance of GM Zhu. 

A hall filled with students of different ages and gendres practicing the Tai Chi Pushing hands in pairs.

Content & Schedule


Single & Double Push Hands

10.30am - 5pm

(lunch break 30 mins)


Peng Lu Ji An Push Hands


10.30am - 5pm

(lunch break 30 mins)


1/2 day - £40

1 day - £60
2 days - £100


St. Michael's Parish Centre

206 Finaghy Road North


BT11 9EH

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