ZCHIWA, Northern Ireland

Chinese Martial Arts & Qigong

"Nothing makes better, only practice." - Grandmaster Zhu Chang Hai


Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

is Internal Chinese Martial Art using softness to beat hardness

Chen style - fast and slow movements

Yang style - slow and controlled movements

Wu style - precise movements, the body is bend

Other martial arts

Bagua Zhang - walking in the circle

Xingyi Quan - one part moves, everything moves in an arch

Long Fist/ Sanda - fully extended techniques

7 Star Praying Mantis - moves inspired by Praying Mantis


is a very beneficial health exercise which has a profound effect on your body, energy and mental wellbeing

6 Healing Sounds - for 5 organs and whole body

Ba Duan Jin - 8 special moves for overall health

Zhan Zhuang - the body is still, energy moves 

13 Tai Bao - helps to protect the body

Wu Qin Xi - copy 5 animals to help 5 organs



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Great learning Taijiquan from an all round, high level Chinese Martial arts Grandmaster, you won't find a better Teacher anywhere else.



My life has improved in many areas- strength, flexibility, health (I used to have sore knees), mental clarity & calmness.

Shifu Zhu is the master that challenges you whatever your level is, he's kind, patient & opened.



This school is just amazing.It offers traditional, authentic Tai Chi taught by GM Zhu Chang Hai. Clases are fun but tough and it really makes you understand why is Tai Chi so good for you.


If you ever thought about finding a real Master - this is the place to go




A white building of the St Michael`s Parish Centre in Finaghy, Belfast is on a small hill behind silver birch trees growing on a grassy area behind a fence.

St Michael's Parish

Laojia YiLu Chen Style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

206 Finaghy Rd North


BT11 9EG

Mondays (7:30PM - 9:15PM)

The entrance to Donegall Pass Community Centre, Belfast, built with red bricks, also showing a wooden picnic table on a sunny day

Donegall Pass Community Centre

3rd Gen. Yang Style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

25 Apsley Street



Tuesdays (6PM - 7:30PM)


The front of the Antrim Forum building with a large colorful banner on a sunny day.

Antrim Forum Leisure Centre

Qigong & Tai Ji 13 Form (Tai Chi)

Lough Road


BT41 4DQ

Sundays (12:45PM - 1:45PM)

Derry ~ Londonderry

A bent road leading to white building of Acron Centre next to the St. Peter`s Church in Derry~Londonderry on a sunny day.

Acron Centre, 
St. Peters Church

24 Yang Style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

Culmore Road


BT48 8JB

Thursdays (6PM - 7:30PM) - Fortnightly


A white Arcadia building in Portrush right next to the blue North Atlantic Ocean and blue sky above.

Yoga Centre

Laojia YiLu Chen Style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

East Strand


BT56 8JE

Thursdays (6PM - 7:30PM)



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