Great learning Taijiquan from an all round, high level Chinese Martial arts Grandmaster, you won't find a better Teacher anywhere else.


My life has improved in many areas- strength, flexibility, health (I used to have sore knees), mental clarity & calmness.

Shifu Zhu is the master that challenges you whatever your level is, he's kind, patient & opened


Grand Master Zhu is simply the purest source of authentic Chinese internal martial arts on the island. Not to mention his polite, patient and caring approach with everyone. I am honoured to be on the path with my Shifu. Don't miss out. There are simply no others. Thank you Shifu!


This school is just amazing.It offers traditional, authentic Tai Chi taught by GM Zhu Chang Hai. Clases are fun but tough and it really makes u understand why is Tai Chi so good for you. If you ever thought about finding a real Master - this is the place to go


Best decision in years taking up taiji at 67! Loving it