"You can always

                    be better."

                         GM Zhu

All classes are paused until social closeness is safe again.
Keep practicing, sleep well, get good nutrition, keep content mind. 

a great way to help the body & mind at the same time is Qigong practice. GM Zhu demonstrates Qigong sets for you to practice along:

updated: June 2020

All classes, apart from Belfast Monday class for the time being (Chen Tai JI Cannon Fist) are suitable for both beginners and advanced martial art practitioners. 
Each class starts with warm up and stretching exercises.
Arrive with plenty of time to prepare  yourself to start the class on time.
Be respectful to all people and the premises.
Wear loose comfortable clothing that does not obstruct movement and flat sole trainers.
Please make sure your mobile device has the sound turned off.
Enjoy the class.

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