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A photo of Pushing hands class in Chinese Welfare Association with students of different ages, races and genders are practicing locking an opponent`s arm behind their back, Grandmaster Zhu Chang Hai is demonstrating to one pair of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) practitioners.


Class Pricing

Payment for class fees can be paid during your first class by cash or through bank transfer.


(St. Michael`s Parish Centre and Donegall Pass Community Centre)

Drop-in classes

Adult - £15

Student - £12

Senior (70+) - £12

4 Week block bookings 
(1 set class per week)

Adult - £40

Student - £36

Senior (70+) - £36


Prices and bookings are  responsibility of Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council

Please visit the Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council website for all the details.


These classes are not suitable for beginners as you need experience in

Chen Style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi)

Classes alternate each week between a directed class by Grandmaster Zhu

and a practice class.

Drop-in classes 

4 Week block bookings 
(1 set class per week)


(Adults, Students & Seniors)


(Adults, Students & Seniors)


Interested in Private Classes?

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